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2014 Stech: Comedy Captions in Facebook (or blogs).

Comedy Captions in Facebook (or blogs).
Another way to use pictures taken in virtual worlds
Stay away from fad diets

Have you noticed how people are beginning to use the picture capability in the MySL stream?  You can take a picture in Second Life and post it on your MySL stream.  You can add comments and a landmark.  Here are some uses I have noticed.
You thought those satellite dishes 
were just for television
Duel of the unicorns
Comedy captions?
You take a picture and add a comment you think is funny.  We've all done that with photographs.  Back when there were lots of paper magazines, they used to run things like that as cartoons.  There were even paperbacks of pictures with comedy captions:  Funny Things My Dogs Say.
In  Second Life, you can have a little more control.   You don't have to work to get the right pose.    You can still get pictures like the ones Second Life Newser used in this post:
Cartoon of the Day
I think this outfit makes me look fat.
If it did, nobody would notice.
You can make pictures for comedy this way
  • Put two common objects together in an unusual way
  • Put a common object in an unusual place
  • Have a mythical creature do something that ordinary people do
  • Have an animal do something that ordinary people do
  • Start with something people do: job interview, doctor visit, customer service.
Reminds me of someone I know.
The pink flamingo 
is the national bird of trailer parks 
Yes, but this one is green.
This is the Alien Abduction Trailer Park.  You ever hear of a pink alien?
Comedy caption contests
Stryker Jenkins, of the Virtual Railway Consortium, ran this picture with an invitation for people to submit captions, comedy  or otherwise.  He made that a contest.  So there you have another way to extend the caption idea.   

Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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