Monday, March 26, 2012

2013 ART: VIDEO: Sophia's Gaze, MachinimUWA V Competition

Sophia's Gaze,  MachinimUWA V Competition

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Uploaded by CGZVIDEO on Mar 20, 2012
A machinima made by Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo (Carl Velde in Second Life) for the MachinimUWA V challenge..
Music Track:
Obsession - Version Orchestre by Ksyz (CC license)
Virtual locations (Second Life):

  • The University of Western Australia, UWA
  • Temple library of Seshat, Ligure Island 
  • .:Deadly Embrace:., Dark Water
  • The Avalon Planetarium 1, Space Destiny
  • Astropath Astrology Sant Mat, Dreamworld Silver
  • Genome Island, Genome
  • Daden Apollo Tranquility Base, Daden Cays
  • ***CHAKRYN FOREST*** - UPDATED! , Chakryn
  • Thor Caverns - Cave Exploration, Waterfall
Digital paintings by:
Carl Velde (Carlo G. Zuozo)



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