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2013 HELP: Landowner in Second Life. Summary

Landowner in Second Life Summary 
Two Sims Making an Estate
Why would you want land?
  • You want a virtual house  
  • Owning a home in Second Life
  • You want to host events on your own venue
  • You want to set up a place with stores
  • You have a group and want a place for your group activities
  • You want to control who comes to your place
  • You want to build things and show your builds
Relevant links
Linden Links
Land for events?
Some people think they need land to hold events.  If you are new and want to hold an event, you are probably better off renting from an established venue.  The venue manager should already know how to handle the details and will probably have contacts and equipment that you need.  Below are some of the things you will probably need to know in order to hold an event at your place.
Access control
You might want to own land because you can eject, ban, and control who comes on your land. A parcel is an area that is treated as a unit for management purposes. Usually the parcel owner creates a group to manage the parcel. The owner gives selected group members the power to eject and ban.   Or you can make your land private by restricting access to a particular group that you own.
Access control, parcels, regions and estates.
You can rent land or finished houses.  To see what is available enter "rent house" in the search bar.   Also try other terms.  If you are a member of a helper group (such as Hobo  Helpers) ask for suggestions in group chat.
Renting land from other Residents (Linden)
For newcomers, renting is usually safer than buying.  With renting, the most you risk is the money you pay for rent. And you should shop around -- You can probably find places that will rent by the week.   That will make the cost of a mistake quite low.  Before you rent, however, see if you can contact some of the other renters to see if this landlord is helpful and has been in business a long time.
The main risk in renting is that the owner of the land may not pay the charges and leave Second Life.  If that happens you will be out the money you paid with no recourse.  You can file an abuse report, (Help, top menu in standard viewer) but if the person has left the SL, there is nothing Linden Lab can do.  If you rent from an established landlord that risk is small.  An established landlord will have been in SL for a long time and will own multiple sims.
Caution.  Avoid leaving no-copy objects on rented land.  If you lose access to the land, you will not be able to get them back.
Matruity Ratings, General, Moderate, Adult.  
These are ratings that specify what is permitted in given location.  For the rating of your current location, look at your navigation bar.   The ratings are similar to movie ratings and specify what you can show/do in public.  Only the (Adult) rating permits sexually explicit images or acts. For details on the meaning of a rating, click on the symbol. If you own a private island, you will be able to set the rating to suit you.  Otherwise, you will probably have to accommodate to the setting of the region where your land is located.
You can adjust the surface of the land you own, but how much depends on whether it is mainland or island.  Island allows large adjustment.  Mainland adjustments are quite limited in range.  Before you buy a parcel on the mainland, check the the current limits. (The limits may vary.)
Prim Limits
Any land has a limit in the number of prims it will support.  If you rent land, the landlord will explain that to you.  If you buy land, you will need a better understanding of prim limits.
Buy land
If you see land on the mainland that you want to buy, go on the land and get the About Land window.
About Land Window
If the land is for sale, the general tab will show the price and other information about the land.  Land can be for sale to a specific person or to anyone
Buy Land is not really buy 
To "buy" land, you may need a premium account (with a monthly charge).   In addition, land that you own (beyond a minimum) will  incur a monthly charge.   You will need to make arrangements with Linden Labs to pay these costs.  Payments are usually done via credit card or Paypal.
If you buy land on a private sim, you also need to understand the special risks in "buying" land on a private sim.   If you must buy land, you are safer buying on the mainland.  To read what you need to know about buying land, go here:
and click on the link about buying land.
Deeding land to a group
Caution: you can lose ownership of land on the mainland if you deed it to a group in which you are not the sole owner.
Sell land
You can sell land that you own (not deeded to a group).  To to this, get the About Land window.
Click the Sell land button.
Caution: If you intend to sell the land to a specific person, set that person's name (item 2) before you do anything else. DO NOT enter a price until you have set the intended buyer. 
After you have entered the name of the intended buyer, you can enter the price and set with or without objects.

Advanced land management

Cookie estate
*A sim or region carries certain powers over the terrain: setting land textures and adjusting the altitude of the water. Use the Estate Management window:
Region, sim, parcel
Terrain tab
Group management of a parcel  
Linden pages
Advanced notes
Control scripts causing lag
  • World > region/estate -  Debug - Get Top scripts
  • Click the time label (top bar) a couple of times to get top down order
  • To return an object, click on the object name.
  • Turn on beacons to find the object.
Find objects by name, size, owner, parcel 
World >About Land > General Tab > Script Info - Region Memory
About Land Window
  • Click the Refresh list button 
  • Click column title to select ordering
  • To return an item, click on it , then click the Return button. 
You don't have to be an estate manager to ban people 
If you are an owner or estate manager, you can set out an object that lets others ban people using this function.

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