Sunday, March 4, 2012

2014 ART: VIDEO: Visual art from a virtual world studio

Visuals instead of objects
Virtual worlds as a platform for creating musical visuals
Fantasia was the future

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Music Visuals?  OK, I made up that name for this style of art.   Fantasia was the first music visual.  Ever since I watched Fantasia, I have wanted to see the style return.  Now it is beginning to develop in Second Life.  
A music visual like this one uses the technology of Second Life as a paint brush.  There may be objects, but the video is not about the objects.  The video is about itself.    
Fantasia is a 1940 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and released by Walt Disney Productions. With story direction by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, and production supervision by Ben Sharpsteen, it is the third feature in the Disney animated features canon. The film consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski; seven of which are performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra
 I envision a time when people have 80 inch video screens on their living room walls.  Music  visuals may be one thing to go on such screens--when there is not a game on, of course.  The creation of the visuals and the mixing of the visuals with the music is an emerging art.  I like to wonder where is will go.   
Tubular Gallery-elros Tuominen
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  1. watch Pyewacket! been doing fantastical music machinima for years.


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