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2014 VIDEO: HELP: Backup: Saving your video production set in Kitely. AMP video notes

Backup: Saving your video production set in Kitely.  
AMP video production notes
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You can save an entire sim in Kitely and in some other Opensim grids.  But you need to plan for it.   Here is how.
  • You create an OAR file.
  • You download it to your computer.
  • You can make copies and distribute them.
  • You can store the copies where you store your other backups.
  • You can use an OAR file to run the sim .
  • On your own computer, using SOAS.
  • On a third-party OpenSim hosting service.
  • On Kitely, if you need to restore from backup.
  • Opensim Prmer: Hypergrid, OAR, IAR, SOAS, Kitely, Inworldz, Markets
  • For OAR files, contents need to have the right permissions.
  • Contents with the wrong permissions are omitted from the backup 
  • An object created inworld must have copy/transfer permissions.
  • (meaning, that all its assets must be copy/transfer).
  • An object bought from Kitely market must have export permission.

Planning for backup: Permission issues in video production

For video production, the sets will likely include the creations of several people and creations bought from the Kitely market.  Those conditions call for extra steps to allow backups with minimum effort.  

Backup and restore costs

  • Export a world from Kitely 150 KC (about 50 cents USD)
  • Import  an OAR file into a Kitely  world 150 KC (about 50 cents USD)

Permissions required for backup in Kitely

Assets uploaded or created inworld must have permissions set to copy/transfer
Content creators can set copy/transfer as the default for content they create or upload.
Objects bought on the Kitely market must have export  permissions.  

For content bought from the Kitely Market, you can buy for backup by checking Export under Permissions ( Left column, scroll down).  You will then only see items that carry export permissions,  

For content created inworld of uploaded: How to set default  permissions for convenient backup

How to make an OAR file from your Kitely world

  • Exporting to an OAR file will cost 150 Kitely Credits (about 50 cents, USD).
  • You will need to have that much in your account.
  • Go to the Kitely main page.
  • If you are logged in (likely) click on My Worlds in the top menu,
  • Click on the world you want to back up.
  • In the column on right, click the Manage button under Manage world.
  • In the Manage world panel, click the Files tab.
  • Click Export World.  
  • When the OAR file is ready, you will get a notice asking for a download destination.
  • The notice will also offer the option View  Report.  
  • That report will appear as a web page; you can copy and save content  from there.

Example of a report from the creation of an OAR file (notes in italics)

Export World Report
World Information
World name: Flying Saucers set
Regions: 1
Time: 11 May 2014, 18:51:49

Objects: 295 (omitted: 206)
Prims: 2638 

(Omitted means could not be saved)

Assets: 688 (omitted: 450)
Animation: 291
Texture: 240
Script: 46
Mesh: 42
Body Part: 29
Object: 25
Clothing: 9
Notecard: 4
Sound: 2

Objects Omitted due to No Export

The following objects weren't exported because they or their assets don't have an export permission. This can occur for several reasons. First, the items may belong to a No-Export product. Second, the items may have been created by Kitely Market as the result of a Demo or Debug delivery. Such items are restricted and may not be exported. And finally, the items may have been created in a delivery that was subsequently canceled, e.g. due to a refund. The specific objects and assets that can't be exported are highlighted in bold, along with a link to the product that they came from.

(A list of items follows; Items are identified by name and relevant details)

Objects Omitted due to Insufficient Permissions

The following objects weren't exported because they don't have Copy+Transfer permissions.

(A list of items follows; the items are identified by name, location, and UUID)

If items cannot be exported, but allow copy/mod

You may be able to save them in a holodeck (Holodisk in virtual worlds).  A holodeck would save and restore the objects to the saved locations.  In case of content loss, you would only need to replace the holodeck in the place where the saving was done. 
Or :
  • Link* them, put the object coordinates in the description, 
  • give it a name you will recognize,  and store it in several places.
  • *If the objects exceed the range for linking, make several objects

AMP Video Notes

AMP Video Notes are produced by Avatar Media Productions, a project of New Media Arts.   These video notes derive from experience in producing videos with the virtual worlds medium.  They are published to make it  easier for others to start making videos in virtual worlds 


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