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2018 EDU: Web-worlds, MOOCs, and online conferences. Learning centers on the web

Web-worlds, MOOCs, 
and online conferences:  
Learning centers on the web

A Mooc in your browser.  That's what are doing now.  Here we show examples of classes presented in 3D places running in web pages.  Low cost, easy access.  A classroom, museum, and/or field trip, all without leaving home.   
ACRL Virtual World interest group
  • A meeting in CybaLOUNGE
  • I will have a VWMOOC meeting in CybaLOUNGE
  • at 10:00 am Pacific time on Wed. Aug. 29 
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Everyone with a browser can come in.
 Writer's group meeting 
in 3DWebWorldz

Two Web worlds in public beta

More after the break

Metaverse events, recent and upcoming

Metaverse places and activities


Key starter information for CybaLOUNGE

  • As guest, enter a name and pick an avatar
  • Click on the screen to enter 3D.
  • To move forward, press and release your up arrow key.  
  • Don't hold the key down till you see how far a quick press moves you.
  • Use the left or right arrow to turn.  
  • To sit, click on the pose ball in a chair. 
  • To stand click STOP AMINATION (Upper right).
  • To talk, click the mic graphic (bottom line)
  • Signs may open a web page on click



Web-Based Virtual Worlds in Education: CybaLOUNGE

Organizing collaboration for 400 students in a web-based virtual learning environment. Setting up a “synthetic” college.


The Web Report: Educator Edition: 
Virtual Libraries and digital smarts
Produced by Valerie Hill, an editor of the Web Report: Educator Edition

February edition of Web Report: Educators.  The potential of virtual libraries; the development of digital smarts: Community Virtual Library (in Second Life) moves to Cookie Island; online communities need libraries.

Advantages of the MOOC-online model.

  • MOOCmassive open online course 
  • MOOCs and online conferences expand the distribution of knowledge.
  • Because they are online, they also expand the format possibilities.
  • They don't concentrate people in a space.
  • So they don't have to find a space.
  • They use technology to bring people together from anywhere at any time.
  • So they can schedule events to fit the needs of people.
  • They can schedule events to present new knowledge when it comes available.
  • Monthly, not just once a year.
  • And people can attend monthly or weekly 
  • Because the event is on a computer they use daily.
  • No travel, no budget approvals, no extra time, maybe 20 seconds to load the page.

Advantages of the web-world model

  • A web-world runs on any computer, including Chromebooks and tablets.
  • It only needs a browser.  Nothing to download or install.
  • Supplementary material can be provided in additional web pages.
  • Presentations can be streamed on the web to an unlimited audience.

The problem with special software

  • When I tried to go to a meeting, I found I had to install special software to get in.
  • I am reluctant to install software using a link given to me by a source I don't know.
  • But I did start the process, expecting to get a download that I could check.  
  • Instead, I got an "installation failed" message.  
  • So I gave up.  
  • That's a lesson in how to lose participants.

How to get wide distribution

  • Deliver the presentations via live stream on YouTube
  • Capture the videos and make them available for later study.
  • YouTube will report the number of views if you need an audience count.
  • YouTube charges nothing; the only cost is video capture.




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