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2018 ART: Arcadia-Aley Library created by New Media Arts

Arcadia-Aley Library 
created by New Media Arts

Works by Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, and other names have been gathered by Ada Radius into an archive now being maintained by New Media Arts in Kitely grid.   They are accessibe to the Hypergrid and should be full perm and free to copy.
Bodega supermarket

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The New Media Arts board of directors agreed to add my collection of Arcadia/Aley builds to their libraries, and host it at Kitely grid. I've been collecting for years from my own imports, all the stuff +virtual christine had at Sanctuary grid, and whatever else I could scarf up around the HG before it disappears. I wanted to donate it to an organization that should be around for a while. -- Ada Radius

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Slum city
  • And the famous bus to nowhere
Bodega supermarket 
Cost to the nonprofit, about $250/year, so some fundraising buttons are out at the landing point. NMA is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit with an independent board - no one on the voting board gets paid. -- Ada Radius
Slum city signs
Many door scripts are borked, so I'm working to change physics shapes on doors so buildings are at least navigable, and to cut down on server load. There are slam bit errors, I think from the OAR backup and re-upload, but also probably because I got these things from a lot of different grids running different OS versions, boxed up and not rezzed out for years. Lotta scripts are missing or don't work. Linkset order, don't want to even think about it, though I did get the Flotsam and Clockwork fountains working. I am no scripter. --Ada Radius
City mission

Teapot train
It sure is nice to see this stuff out again. :) :D Amazing all the awesome people who managed to get stuff out of SL or did restorations or mesh conversions. and made it available in hg OS. There is a list of names in a notecard at the landing point - if I missed anyone, please let me know. If you have builds I don't have and want out here, please contact me, or contact New Media Arts - ctoATnewmediaarts.org or infoATnewmediaarts.org --AdaRadius

Spaceship truck stop

Parrot shop
Napoleon Blownapart

Credits and license by Ada Radius

These are libraries of astonishing artwork created in Second Life by the avatar known as Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, Lora Lemon, Aley and other alts, exported with the artist's permission by many volunteers to OpenSim grids and worlds. Some objects have been restored and rescripted, most need rescripting and reanimating.

Everything is free to copy. You may do anything you like with them, except you may not sell them or their derivatives.

c.2006-2008 Slum City/Urban Blight, Hobos, Street Urchins, Subway System, Modular Sewer System, Greenies, Loli Caverns

c.2008-2010 Space Pirates, Robots, Space stations, asteroids, and wormholes. Many of these builds were not recovered after the disappearance of the sim they were on in Second Life, although some of the texture sets exist separately.

c.2012-2015 Flotsam Pirate Town, Pirate ships, Nemo's Underwater laboratory, Mad Scientist, Clockwork Cogtown, Mer, Seaview Fair, Islands and Forts, Abyss and more

Volunteers who have exported, curated, hosted, restored, rescripted and/or converted items to mesh: (alphabetic order): 
  • Ada.Radius @hg.kitely.com
  • Brian.Landar @sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012
  • canjellne.lilone @hg.osgrid.org
  • Deb.Sugarplum @profiles.main.francogrid.org
  • Dolma.Dollinger @hg.osgrid.org
  • Dot Matrix @hg.kitely.com
  • Falbala.Gustafson @hypergrid.org:8002
  • falene.hawks @hg.francogrid.org
  • Han.Held @hypergrid.org:8002
  • Kayaker.Magic @hg.osgrid.org
  • Manuel.Bazar @login.clonelife.eu:8002
  • Moonboy.Deed @users.osgrid.org
  • Sergio.Rodriguez @hg.francogrid.org
  • Vbinnia.Radek @hg.osgrid.org
  • virtual.christine @sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012
A list of known works by Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, Aley, and her other alts is here:

    Arcadia Asylum's License on Freebies 

    All Objects created by me (Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, and Aley Resident) are FREE and opensource. you can copy and modify and pass around to anyone anywhere, the ONLY stipulation is: 
    That said, you may distribute in any way you like, you may use the things anywhere 
    As FREEBIES no warantees or product support.

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                  1. Wonderful snaps, thank you! Way better than my snaps. Selby came flying by while I was struggling with the space sim cube. Which I ended up converting to mesh so it can be resized more easily without crashing one's viewer. It's out there now, near the landing point.

                  2. It is a shame that the entire collection isnt available as a downloadable oar or iar file, for others to use and enjoy.