Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018 EDU: TKR: ADHD Tools for Adults & Kids: Mind Mapping to Success

ADHD Tools for Adults & Kids: 
Mind Mapping to Success

Remembering my own school experiences, I think that ADHD is often just intolerance for boredom.  But there are recognized differences in the way people learn, so another problem may be the attempt to force everyone into the same learning mold.  Here is a different learning method that may be more suited to some people and to some tasks.  


 "ADHD seems like a curse in the beginning. And many times during our lives we will see it this way. What I can promise you is, that once you learn how to use it, it will be your most unfair advantage." - Frank Stahl

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Comments from Dr. Stahl

Mind mapping is a crucial part of not only planning your life and goals, but also in understanding.   With us ADHD'ers, it is even more important to be able to flush all our ideas into a concise road map that we can use to stay focused.  
Frank Stahl is a psychologist and life coach, knighted in Spain for his achievements. Dr. Stahl has helped hundreds of patients improve their life, and specializes in training both 

Positive mindset

Do I use mind mapping? (From Selby)

Not exactly.  I use a variant.  I did use mind maps in presentations to clients a long time ago.  But now I am mostly writing on my blog so I shifted to a variant that is more convenient for writing on a computer. 

A mind map consists of two parts: concepts and the connections between concepts.   I start by typing any relevant concepts that I can think of.  I put closely connected concepts close together on the page, even side by side.  Concepts with only distant relations are distant on the page.  (I think it is a mistake to try to put things in the right order at the start.) 

Then, since I will have to get the concepts in sequence for an article, I try putting them in a suitable sequence.  Copy/paste is an asset here.  Sometimes they don't make a good flow in any sequence I try.  Then I break the subject into several articles, following the principle that a blog article should stick to one topic.    




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                1. I realized that writing with a dark background helps improve my focus. So I launched into searching for word processors just for ADHD. Didn’t find much but I prefer INK for All