Thursday, August 11, 2011

2013 SEE: Pod tour of Southwest Heterocera

Pod tour of Southwest Heterocera
From their new base at Hobo Village, I have been using YavaScript pod tours to explore Heterocera.  In this report I describe some of the interesting places I found just in Southwest Heterocera, the home of Hobo Village. 

Leaving Hobo Village
Pod tours from Hobo Village 
A tour of Heterocera leaves the Hobo Village station about every 20 minutes.  A small cone at the arrival point tells the expected time of the next departure.
Barrio museum, Arcadia Asylum
Arcadia Asylum Barrio Museum
Just across the road from Hobo Village is the Arcadia Museum. It was originally a build by Arcadia Asylum, a famous hobo artist.  It is now owned and operated by Rags to Riches group (led by Mally McGinnis) as a preservation museum for the work of Arcadia.
Train display, Tuliptree station
Railway tracks around Heterocera, the atoll continent
VRC Headquarters
Free trains are offered here.
VRC Grand Tour
Hobo Haven at VRC Headquarters
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