Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 ART: SL11B: Arcadia, Aley: Living Library & Freebie Center; All Things Aley

SL11B:  Arcadia, Aley: 
Living Library & Freebie Center; All Things Aley
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"All Things Aley" is a joint venture between the "Arcadia Asylum Museum and Exhibits"  and "The Boardman Preservation Society" groups. Our two groups have come together over a common cause--the preservation and celebration of SL's culture and history, with a focus on Arcadia Asylum's role in it."

"It's our opinion that by working together, we are able to promote interest in mainland and mainland culture. We hope that people who come for our "freebies" might look around at the rest of Boardman and become curious about its' history--and from that curiosity to eventually find and become a part of one of SL's many mainland communities themselves.  
"We hope that this partnership will act as a model for other mainland communities who desire a boost in viewers and participants."
Free Stuff by Arcadia
Early Hobo Stuff
Ride the Whale
Sea Horse Races
Hook a Duck

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By Arcadia Asylum (Aley)

News and Notes

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  • MadPea writing Contest 
  • Prizes (in Lindens)

  • 10,000L 1st place
  • 3,000L 2nd place
  • 2,000L 3rd place


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