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2015 ART: Cog & Grog Arcadia Asylum Freebie Center. Video showing what you can do with background music

Cog & Grog Arcadia Asylum Freebie Center
Video showing what you can do with background music


Current list of public collections of work by Arcadia Asylum (scroll down)


Our own Kayden O'Connell is nominated for the AviChoice Awards!
Vote for him here:
the Arts voting will close on Monday, February 23rd at 5pm SLT

Cast Spotlight – Kayden O’Connell


About Arcadia Asylum (Aley)


Current list of public collections of work by Arcadia Asylum (under various names)

Thanks to the Google community: Friends of Arcadia Asylum and to Virtual Christine for the original list.  

Where possible, I have checked and updated the addresses. All tests first were made by entering the fulll address into the Firestorm Navigation bar*.   In most cases that worked.   For one OpenSim address, that method failed.  I went to the grid's main entry point and was able to teleport from there to the region, using the TP board displayed there

In the hypergrid, the address of the grid's main location is part of the region's address:   Region                Grid 

Firestorm Navigation bar 
Click image to enlarge

*Firestorm Navigation bar is an undocumented feature.  It may not work this way for everyone.  You can use the world map if necessary.  Paste the address into the search bar there and click Find.  If found, click teleport,

Most of these places have a lot of Arcadia's work available free. Some displayed objects are free to copy.  Others are buy for zero dollars.  There may also be boxes or wall panels that will give you folders of objects. All this work is distributed with permission to do anything you want with it. except you can't sell it.  


Second Life:(non hypergrid) 

Cog & Grog: 
Verified 2/4/2015
(Exhibits and boxed freebies from every period. Curator Briony Juran) 

Flotsam ( pirate town no boxed collections):  
Verified 2/4/2015 

Inworldz: (non hypergrid)  Not verified

hop:// Bay/166/241/4001 
The above appears to be a Firestorm Hop.
It may require that you put it in the Firestorm address bar.
I cannot test it since I have no account on Inworldz and Inworlds is not accessible via the hypergrid.
(exhibit and complete boxed collections. Curator Gary Wheeler) 

OSgrid: (Hypergrid enabled)     Not verified*
Arcadia (Dolma Dollingers Slum and Pirate exhibits, some boxed collections)    Not verified*
(one floor dedicated to Arcadia Asylum) (Boxed hobo collections. Most scripts non functional)    Not verified*
(smaller, but unique collection of Arcadia Asylum and Aley Arai items) 

*Note: OSgrid has been offline since last August, so I have not been able to test these links.


Craft-world: (hypergrid enabled) Gordo   
Verified 2/4/2015 Spirit of Arcadia      
Verified 2/4/2015*
(the two Craft regions are mostly Slum City/African Slum themed. No boxed freebies, but TONS of urban and hobo bling to copy and peruse. Curator: virtualchristine) and Rust  
Verified 2/6/2015
(Jim Jackson and Izzie Applewhyte's great hobo build. A must see for hobo fans!! Lots of great modified Arcadia Content, and original pieces! Will go home to the OS grid when it reopens) 


Metropolis Grid (hypergrid enabled) Spoken    
Verified 2/4/2015
 ( small Arcadia Asylum Library has the box with EVERYTHING) Curator: virtualchristine.

Sanctuary Grid (hypergrid enabled) Spirit of Arcadia 1    
Verified 2/4/2015
 (The Sanctuary Museum has 9 regions, The Spirit of Arcadia 1-9 . Large collection of boxed freebies from all periods and exhibit regions from Privateer Space to the present. Curator: virtualchristine ) 

Kitely Grid (hypergrid enabled) II     
Verified 2/4/2015
(New Media Arts hobo outpost on the Hypergrid. Growing collection of Arcadia products in use and boxed.  Working scripts!) 

Clone Life (hypergrid enabled)   
The above address did not work for me.   
Here is how to get there:
Go to:
At arrrival point, look for Sim Teleporter board.
On that board, look for Caleta Museum Asylum.
Or on the world map, look for museum
Use either of those for TP to the museum.

(grid owner Druskus War's marvelous homage to Orhalla Zander and Arcadia Asylum, including a reproduction of Calleta Hobo camp, complete with the no griefin turkey! Lots of free slum content.)   You can buy many of the objects for zero money.  


News and Notes



Lauren's Place


Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the address bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in a minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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