Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2018 EDU: WW: For lectures and presentations, use web-senders in virtual worlds

For lectures and presentations, 
use web-senders in virtual worlds

A short sign path In Cybalounge
Click image to enlarge
  • Web-sender: A sign citing a topic. On click it opens a web page in a new tab.
  • This is the 3D equivalent of a web link.
  • For a presentation, I use web-senders instead of bullet points.
  • For adiuts, I put out the signs in advance, in the order I want to present them.
  • I walk my avatar along the sign path and talk about the content behind the senders. 
  • The web-links can remain out indefinitely for review and use by others.
  • Web senders to open web pages

Signs now out on that Cybalounge path

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From the YesButters

  • Yes, but if all the signs are out, people will be looking at the web pages.
  • People will not be paying attention to you.
  • -
  • My objective in a presentation is to get people to know what I am presenting.
  • The web pages carry that information.  I can only give an overview in a presentation.
  • I don't need the ego-boost of having them pay attention to me.  
  • I am egotistical enough as it is. 
  • In a presentation, the content is important not the presenter.


  • No slides to load--put out and arrange the web-senders at your convenience.
  • I often make senders into a few aggregate objects for easier handling.
  • No requests to go back a few slides.  The previous senders remain available.  
  • No requests for a copy of the presentation.  Everyone can get the links they want.
  • The linked pages remain available indefinitely. 
  • The linked pages can be updated with new information.
  • A repeat presentation Is mostly ready when you want it.

Works best with an associated blog

  • I use this blog as a source of web pages.  
  • A summary page can carry links into  big topic.
  • For example:
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser.  Summary
  • That page is the introduction to my current sign path in Cybalounge.
  • If visitors want to know about web-worlds, I tell them to click that sign.




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