Sunday, June 3, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: EVENT: Riding the dunes at OpenSim.Life

Riding the dunes at OpenSim.Life

OpenSim.Life has a monthly adventure night.  In May, the adventure was coin collection in dune buggies.  Here are a few video clips of the adventure.

OSL Adventure Night, May 13

  • HG Address: 
  • Oasis
  • Put the HG address in the Find Bar of the World Map, click Find, TP
  • WHERE: OSL Desert Oasis.
  • WHAT: Dune Buggy Coin Hunt.
  • grid owner Bill Blight treats us to a trip to find adventure on the grid. 
  • A Dune Buggy coin hunt in the desert.
  • Some coins score points, some blow up.
  • Avatars are Toons, so not harmed by explosions.
  • A scoreboard shows the number of points collected by each player.

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Why do this in a virtual world?

  • Travel time: 10 seconds
  • Travel cost: $0.0
  • Injuries: 0
  • Vehicle maintenance $0.0
  • Vehicle repair:  $0.0
  • You always know where the bathroom is.
  • But you miss the feel of sand in your hair.




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