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2018 BIZ: WW: The business side of web-worlds

The business side of web-worlds 

Speculation on possible markets for several kinds of web-worlds.
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations

May offer several different products 

  • Turn-key: Custom built and serviced, possibly hosted.  
  • Full user-built: Start place is empty. User builds everything.
  • User-customized: Start place is partly built, user can add things.
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Marketing the turn-key model (targets)

  • Retail businesses are most likely to want this.
  • They already have their web developers on staff or on contract.
  • Web-developer companies are the most promising market in this case.  
  • They would want a software package on lease, with a support contract.  
  • From their standpoint it would be added value for their product.
  • Top E-Commerce Web Design Agencies
  • commercial web developers

Use Cases for the turn-key model

  • Virtual showroom for large products:
  • Cars, mobile homes, houses, gardens, malls, offices, ships.
  • Sales agent can meet with visitors:
  • show them around, answer questions,give them a sales pitch.
  • Teacher's assistant for elementary grades:
  • learning games, social games, videos
  • live teaching assistant can be available to help children.
  • Information/social games for public service web-worlds
  • Teach a concept with a game. A use case for web-worlds
  • Established museums can reproduce displays
  • Automated and live docent can be available for visiting classes

Marketing the user-customized model (targets)

  • Customization is likely to focus on templates that fit a specific community.
  • 3DWebWorldz has examples such as art and teaching.
  • Members of the community probably know best what the community needs.
  • Community members are in the best position to offer customization.
  • The software might be licensed out to members of the community.
  • Or this might be a case where community-based management works.
  • Scholarly articles for community based management

Use cases for the user-customized model

Marketing the full user-built model (targets)

  • Virtual worlders:  Import part of their build from installed virtual worlds.
  • Note: Web-worlds is able to import an OAR file.
  • Maker spaces (advanced)
  • Tech courses: Practice and share working in a tech environment.
  • Hobbyests.
  • Tech high school and college teacher's assistant.

Use cases for the full user-built model



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