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2018 WW: EDU: Cybalounge tutorial: Web senders to open web pages

Cybalounge tutorial: 
Web senders to open web pages
Updated 2/15/2018
Cybalounge: How to make a sign that opens another browser page, allowing your web-world to provide any information that is available on the web.
Settings to make the object 
a web-sender
  • A web-sender is an object that, on click, opens a specific web-page in the browser. 
  • In virtual worlds, web-senders are used to open pages with requested information.
  • In an educational or library context, a web-sender would open informative pages.
  • This kind of event assignment probably works with any object. 
  • But is most likely to be used with a texture or a HTML page prim.
  • HTML page prim: Put the web in your web-world



Why use a web-sender?

  • Commercial:  Send people to your web site.
  • Promotional:  Send people to your web announcement or blog.
  • Educational:  Send people to a source of relevant information.
  • Nonprofit:  Send people to relevant web pages.
  • Grid:  Send people to grid site, blogs, and community pages.
  • OS community:  Send people to blogs and community pages.
  • Content creator: Send people to your market page.
  • Fashion designer:  Send people to your blog.

Advantages of a web-sender

  • Over a HTML page prim: low load
  • One limit established in my Cybalounge web-world: 8-12 web-pages
  • A web page takes time to load.  Several of them will slow the opening.
  • I will limit my use to one or two HTML pages per world. 
  • Over in-person links: web senders are there when I am not.
  • When I am there, I can give web links in chat.  They go live and clickable.
  • But if there is a web sender, I don't have to find links.

How to make a web sender in Cybalounge

      • Get an image that tells the story of the contents you are pointing to.
      • We of the social virtual worlds already know how to do that.  
      • Since I will be linking to some of my blog posts, I use a different method:
      • Open the web page and activate Jing.
      • Select a square part of the page that includes the title.
      • Copy that. It will be .png, not what I want in a web page.
      • A .png takes more bits than needed.  I always reduce  them to .jpg.
      • I edit the image in The Gimp.  
      • I need to resize it.
      • To be easy for Cybalounge, I make it truly square and a power of 2.
      • So I resize to 512 by 512. Then I export to .jpg

      I drag/drop into my Cybalounge world and set the event I want

      • I put my avatar in roughly the place where I want the image to go.
      • I drop the image file on the Cybalounge screen and the image appears.
      • It is a plane with the image on it.    
      • I can adjust the place and resize the object if I want:
      • How to start building in Cybalounge, a roadmap for beginners 

      Avatar in place for Drag and Drop 
      After Drag and Drop, the object 
      appears at the avatar position

      I set the event I want

      • I set the event to open a web page.
      • To  turn on the building mode, I click on the crossed tools (bottom line)
      • I then click the image object to select it. 
      • I can see when it is selected because a light grey film appears over it.
      • And its menu appears at the right of the screen.
      • I give it a name I can remember in inventory.
      • I click events to get the event menu.
      • I set the trigger event to Click, and the action to be Url.
      • I provide the Url to open.
      • And make sure popup us not checked.  
      • It will open in a new browser page, not a popup

      Settings for the web sender

      The page I put in

      That new avatar I have on

      • We are testing drag/drop avatars.  Dieter made this avie and sent me a DD file.
      • It worked!  Not fast.  More than 30 seconds, I think, before something happened. 
      • And I had to go to my world to be in a place where I was allowed to make changes.
      • We will probably need a progress bar.  
      • And maybe an if test that by-passes the place permissions for avatars.
      • But it works well for an initial test.
      • What DragNDrop for web-worlds means for inventories


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      • All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.

      If you are interested in web-worlds...

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