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2013 HELP: Land: Parcels: How to subdivide and join parcels

Kit: How to subdivide and join parcels
The instructions here are for viewers of the 3.3+ class. The instruction details may not always apply to other viewers
Right click on the land in the parcel you want to subdivide

Land options

Parcel:  Part (or all) of your land that has the same settings. You can cut you land into multiple parcels. Parcels can be as small as 4x4 meters. Each parcel can (and should) have a different name and may have different settings.
Click on the Edit Terrain 

Edit Terrain window
Select will probably be marked on. If not, click it.
Select land
Left click on the ground. A small box will be marked out. You can modify the box by dragging a corner or a side.
Don't worry about getting it right at the start. You are just selecting the part of your land that you want to make into a separate parcel. You can cancel your selection by clicking on another place or by closing the edit terrain window.
You may want to to get a view from on high to help selection. You can do this with zoom and roam:
See, Zoom, roam, and tag
  • Put your cursor on what you want in the center of the picture.
  • Press Alt and hold it down. The cursor will change to a rectangle with a plus sign in it. 
  • Scroll back and forth with the mouse scroll wheel to zoom.
  • Press each of the arrow keys you normally use to move to orbit sideways.
  • Press page up and page down to orbit up and down.
When you have the selection box around the land you want to be a separate parcel, click Subdivide in the Edit Terrain window. To complete the subdivision, click OK.

Caution:  Some of the settings in the About Land panel of each panel will have changed. Fix these things first:
  1. Give the two parcels different names. Do this first.
  2. Review and fix the About Land settings in each parcel.
Land, parcel. About Land Window
Join--combine two parcels into one
The parcels to be combined must have the same owners. If the parcels are deeded to a group, they must be deeded to the same group.
Make the selection box go over all parcels to be joined
Edit Terrain window
You will probably want to turn on property lines: 
  • World
  • Show
  • Property lines
Caution:  Some of the settings in the About Land panel will have changed. 
Land, parcel. About Land Window

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