Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2013 MUSIC: Calendar/schedules for Second Life music, music services

Calendar/schedules for Second Life music
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Trax is well known for the assistance it provides for musical performers in Second Life.   I see that it now has a Google calendar.  I am not sure what musical events it is listing, but I will talk to Bones Writer, the owner-manager of Trax, to find out for a future post.  
Here is a website that might reasonably want to organize a calendar.
Aiming to bring Musicians all the necessary visibility through virtual universes , we offer several services related to Virtual Music : Powerful Promotionnal Tools thanks to our video and mp3 sharing free for all virtual musicians and special offers for other members , A full Online Community based on a Facebook System , An Electronic Magazine issues coming monthly focused on Second Life Music News , Inworld Services such as Profile Design , Promotionnal pics and biography Creation , Promotional Website ( Website Host , Website Design , Website content If Needed ) A WebRadio Running 24/7 broadcasting Live Second Life Gigs and the best of Rock Music .
"Especially customized for Music Use , VMS Online Community is the best way to be known by SecondLife Users . Suscribe for FREE and enjoy all the tools of a Large Music Community"
"Share Your Video Clips , Live Gigs , Promotional Videos ( Second Life or Real Ones ) , Events Videos."-This item may suggest that they will have a calendar or some sort of schedule covering live gigs being shared by their members.
The site seems to be in the early stages of development, so I have no opinion about the offerings at this time.
Facebook offers features that might serve in place of a calendar.  There are groups somewhat like the notice group system in second life. 
You can also invite people to events.  If they accept (RSVP), they may get a reminder notice.  I have not determined that this system works reliably, but I expect it will at some time.
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