Saturday, April 9, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Courtesy is a 2-way street. In virtual worlds, too

Courtesy is a 2-way street. In virtual worlds, too 
If you bother people, you may be muted, defriended,  kicked out of a place or group, banned and/or reported as probably underaged.  Good ways to get these things to happen to you:
  • Shooting guns in a  no-damage area.  
  • Driving vehicles over people.
  • Staying naked after people warn you that the parcel does not alllow that.
  • Using sexually explicit language or animations  in places not  marked "Adult."
  • Rezzing sexually explicit objects in places not  marked "Adult."
  • Making unwanted sexual advances.
  • Sending unsolicited teleport invitations to your friends- soon to be your former friends.
  • Sending a group IM asking for people to lend you Lindens 
  • Rezzing big objects like houses and cars where they interfere with other people
If anyone is rude to you, Block them:
  • Put your cursor on the avatar, right click., select Block.  Or
  • Find the name in the Nearby list, click info button, click on gear button. click block
Info button  Green button that appears when you hover cursor near object or name.
Persistant rudeness may jusitify an Abuse Report (AR).  Click Help (top menu).
Keep in mind that the other person may be building, scripting, or communicating with several other people.  Unless you know that  the person is ready for conversation,  get to the point fast and don't drag out the conversation.  If the person is giving you short answers, that is a hint that the person is busy with other things.
If you just want casual converstion, be sure that the other perosn is not busy and will not mind the interruption.
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