Monday, April 4, 2011

2013 1stHELP: CAUTION. You can't buy to own.

CAUTION.  You can't buy to own.

Virtual goods are not real.  And No-Copy items are especially ephemeral.  They can be lost
  • from your inventory
  • from the sim where you have them placed
  • in the process of rezzing or taking back into inventory
You can also have your account suspended or terminated.  This can happen if Linden Lab suspects your account is being used by someone else or in connection with some kind of fraud.  One way that suspicion might arise would be if you give your password to someone else so that they can use your account.
 (Without written permission from Linden Lab, that action is a violation of the Terms of Service.  It could cause your account to be suspended or terminated.) 
And you cannot move things you buy off the Second Life grid.  (You can, of course, move any scripts off the grid if you have mod rights on them. )
These limitations may not be what you expect of something you "own."  Some of  them may well change in the future. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions about precautions.
If an item has copy perms, you can make copies and put them in various places.
  • on sims as objects
  • on sims in boxes
  • in different folders in your inventory
  • in boxes in your inventory
If you must buy something that is no-copy and don't want to lose it, buy several copies and distribute them as above.
For big builds, where you might lose a part of the build, your best bet is a holodeck.  The entire build can be put in a crate and rezzed when you need it.  If the build is made of full perm contents, the crate can be set to full perm also.  The you can give it to your friends for redundancy.  With the Horizons version, you can make a crate, rez the build, and freeze the build so that it is just as in was before it went into the crate. All the while, you keep a copy safely in your inventory
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