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2013 1stHELP: Appearance -- Overview

The instructions here are for viewers of the 2.x class (the viewer with the tabs sticking out on the right side). The instruction details may not always apply to other viewers.

My business outfit
  • Outfit:  avatar body, clothes, everything
  • Avatar: (1)  a body as you see it, possibly including clothing and attachments 
  • Avatar: (2) your identity, including name and what you see on the screen as you.
  • Object: you can wear (may look like clothing, hair, etc> )
  • Skin: Texture you can wear that looks like skin 
  • Clothes: Things you can wear that look like clothes
  • Box: containing clothing. You rez it, click to open, and copy the contents to your inventory.
  • Wear (v.t.): command to the system ( right-click on the item) to put something on your avatar
  • Attach: command to the system to link an object to a selected point on your avatar,
Distinction: Outfit, Avatar
Avatar is used with several different meanings as noted above.  Outfit is now used for clearer reference to   a body as you see it, possibly including clothing and attachments
Right-click on your avatar menu

Changing things

Three ways to change your appearance.
  • Put on a new outfit or avatar
  • Edit the appearance of the outfit you are wearing
  • Change attachments on the outfit you are wearing
These are different things. Don't confuse them.
Changing outfits is the easiest way to change your appearance.
Appearance 101. Outfits and avatars
This is also the easiest way deal with an avatar-outfit that rezzes incompletely or as a white cloud.  
Getting other outfits
You can find many other outfits--free and for sale.  Most will be called avatars, the legacy term.  You will need to handle them in a legacy way:
  • When you get an avatar, it will probably be in a box.  Don't wear the box.
  • Rez the box,, click to open it, copy the contents to your inventory.  
  • Your new clothes will probably, go into your clothes folder, not your outfit folder
  • It will be a subfolder with the name of the avatar-outfit 
  • The subfolder will hold all the clothes and body parts needed for the avatar-outfit.
  • You put it on by dragging it from your inventory onto your avatar-outfit.
A few places to find outfits, free and for sale.
Right-click on your avatar menu: Edit my outfit
This option lets you select body parts and attachments. Here you can also modify body parts like skin color.
Right-click on your avatar menu: Edit my shape
Use this to change your body shape: Be shorter, taller, thinner, fatter,etc
You will get a window with various controls on your body and body parts. Try moving the contros and see what they do to your appearance.
Appearance 103, Edit your shape, start learning
Once you have an avatar you like, be sure to save it and remember the name
Appearance 101. Outfits and avatars
Problems:  My avatar doesn't look right
Knowledge Base--Editing your appearance
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