Sunday, April 19, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: #DTA: Knowledge-based learning teaches study skills. That is learning how to "learn." The DTA can coach study skills.

Knowledge-based learning teaches study skills.  
That is learning how to "learn."  
The DTA can coach study skills. 
A consideration of what skills are needed to succeed in knowledge-based learning and how the DTA could teach them
Wondering what knowledge is

Needed skills

  • Recognize a knowledge- based course
  • Collect/organize
  • Rehearse/Recall



  • Knowledge is at the bottom of Bloom's famous taxonomy of educational objectives.
  • That objective is not inferior.  It is basic, the prerequisite of the upper levels.
  • And knowledge is simple enough that DTA can manage and coach student practice. 
  • The actions used in studying for knowledge based test: Collect/organize, rehearse, recall.

Study skills

Recognize a knowledge-based course

  • Skilled students ask what kind of tests are given.
  • They know that multiple-choice tests usually test knowledge.
  • And essay tests usually test higher levels of learning.
  • Courses labelled introductory are usually knowledge-based.
  • Formative tests can help students get the concept of what is required. 
  • The DTA can give and score formative multiple-choice tests.

Collect/organize content

  • Knowledge-based instruction has two major categories: vocabulary and facts.
  • The DTA can provide exercises and formative tests in vocabulary.
  • Magnolia gardens of knowledge.  A demonstration of introductory training on the parts (of anything).
  • Collecting facts was usually done by reading text and (in the old days) marking them. 
  • The DTA can give practice by presenting text passages and asking students to copy/paste the facts. 
  • This might be a case where gamification would help maintain interest.


  • Rehearse: try to recall from a reasonable cue; get evaluation and feedback
  • Recall: Same as above, but without feedback.
  • The DTA can provide rehearsal practice and formative assessment.



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