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2019 BIZ: ART: WW: A commercial art gallery in a web-world? Is that possible? What are the problems you have to solve?

A commercial art gallery in a web-world?  
Is that possible?  
What are the problems you have to solve?

A commercial gallery sells the work of artists.  In a web-world it would display art for sale and take orders for physical delivery.   Issues: What is the physical delivery? What is the advantage over flat web-pages?  
 The gallery of Don Margulis

Web-gallery advantages over physical places

  • Tiny building and maintenance costs compared to physical places.
  • Anyone with a browser can go there from anywhere in 30 seconds.
  • It is accessible to elderly and mobility-impaired people.
  • Artists can organize festivals and galleries based on art genres rather than on location.
  • The gallery can be open 24/7.  
  • The art work itself is at no risk of damage or theft.  


What is the physical delivery?

  • The art can be photographs, paintings, 3d wall-art, relief, or statuary.
  • What is delivered depends on the original form of the art. 


  • The original form of a recent photograph is probably high-density digital.
  • Older photographs (on film) will probably be digitized for presentation and printing.
  • Most likely a large format digital reproduction (rolled) will be the delivery product.
  • It may be signed, numbered, and dated to increase its value.


  • For low cost, a digitized reproduction might be offered.  
  • For much higher cost, the artist might offer the original (signed and certified).
  • At a lower cost, the artist might offer silk-screen reproductions (signed and numbered).

3d wall-art


  • Relief (Wikipeda)
  • Relief can be used as wall-art.


Customized art

  • Personalized wall-art: A person's name is added to the wall-art before 3D printing.
  • Text art:  User-provided text is added to wall-art before 3D printing. 
  • Merged art: User-provided images are added to wall-art before 3D printing.

What is the advantage over flat web-pages?  

  • Art in three dimensions (wall-art, relief, statuary) can be seen in three dimensions. .


  • A commercial gallery in the physical would have somebody there to talk to visitors.
  • You go in to look around and soon somebody would ask if they could help you.  
  • They would be able to tell you about the art and the artists.
  • They might introduce you to some of the other patrons.
  • If you were expecting to buy something, you would probably not come alone.
  • You would bring your spouse or significant other to give you a second opinion.
  • (That is how you show significant others that they are significant.)
  • On a web page you are all alone unless others can be in the room with you.
  • On a browser-based 3D web place, others can be there if they can run a browser.


  • People interested in art want to talk to artists.
  • Artists hold shows of their work, where they talk to interested people.
  • Commercial art galleries hold shows of the art they have on offer.
  • The artists come to tell people about their work.
  • Groups of artists organize art exhibitions or festivals to show their work.
  • A web-world makes it easy for artists to talk to interested people.
  • The web-gallery is as portable as a laptop.  It works anywhere there is WiFi.  
  • It can be set up to give an audible signal when someone comes in.  
  • So the artist can work in the studio and be in the web-gallery at the same time.
  • An artist who keeps regular hours could have regular artist hours in the gallery.  
  • (I have used that method as a writer for 2 years. See my office times below.)

Connect with the artist

Commercial Galleries

  • Contemporary art gallery (Wikipedia)
  • A commercial gallery extends its reach far beyond driving distance.  
  • A gallery can build a nation-wide reputation no matter where it is located. 
  • A gallery can have a web-gallery as a branch of its physical gallery,


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