Monday, July 22, 2019

2019 ART: LEA closes. Art has opened in OpenSim. Looking forward

LEA closes. 
Art has opened in OpenSim
Looking forward

A virtual art exhibit closes.  OpenSim grids remain open for art--new or recovered from elsewhere. 
Installation art by Gracie Kendal

Articles about LEA and LEA closing

Art in OpenSimulator

  • OpenSimulator already has a thriving art community.
  • With a lot of artists and content from LEA:
  • Artlandia: Spiral Silverstar, Gracie Kendal, Alpha Auer, Freewee Ling
  • Much of the art that was in LEA can be transferred to OpenSim grids.
  • And OpenSim grids can easily host all the recoverable art from LEA.
  • I am offering at least 20 sim-sized plots (256X256) in Kitely.
  • Interested? Contact me (Selby Evans) in Kitely or as a comment on this article.
  • Here is my place: Creative Collaborators
  • Note that in OpenSim, you can save your sim as a file (OAR).
  • An OAR stores everything you created and can be reloaded on another grid.
  • You can give or sell  an OAR file.

Art in video and OpenSim

Historical:  Linden Endowment for the arts (LEA)


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