Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 EDU: PEOPLE: Why high schools teach tolerance for boredom and what they can do about it.

Why high schools have to teach tolerance for boredom
and what they can do about it. 
Students differ in the speed of their learning.  The mass production model for learning model requires that the everyone in the class proceed at the same rate.  If  you can tolerate no more than 20% failures, 80% of the class will be able to learn faster than the class can go and so have spare time in class. That 80% will spend part of the class practicing tolerance for boredom.   

  • Yes, but when we catch them, we put them in the gifted class.
  • So you penalized the fast learners by making them learn more.  
  • You don't realize that the fast learners will catch on fast?
  • Tolerate boredom or do a lot of extra work for nothing.  
  • How long do you think it takes the fast learners to catch on to that?
  • Yeah, this is autobiographical.
  • About  education
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Why smart students need tolerance for boredom

  • Some people learn faster than others.
  • You can schedule everyone for the same amount of time to learn something.
  • Fast learners will finish early and practice boredom.
  • Slow learners won't finish at all unless you give them enough time. 
  • You can't have lots of people failing.
  • So you will give enough time for most of them to finish.
  • This is sometimes known as the Procrustes method.
  • You can look that up if you want to.  You are on your own schedule here.
  • Major E-learning Trends: Evolution of Self-paced Online Courses 

Think learning objectives, not class contact hours 

  • Learning objectives say what the learner should be able to do.
  • They don't care how the learner gets that ability.  
  • If schools were only working for learning objectives, 
  • some students would stay late and some students would leave early.
  • The schools have another objective: Keep the students occupied till 3 pm.   
  • The schools could let the fast ones work on a goal of their choice.  
  • And schools sometimes do that.  But that used to cost money.  
  • With online learning, it might not cost much to send them to college courses.
  • Especially if the college is supported by the state or local government.
  • Western Governors University

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                      1. It starts before high school, especially for girls. Autobiographical, lol, yes. And even for my kids decades later in supposedly more enlightened times - I had to go head to head with one teacher who wanted my Bored-Out-Of-Her-Skull daughter to write a hundred lines of "I will not make my teacher crazy." For having finished her work early and unwilling to sit quietly, doing nothing. 3rd grade.


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