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2018 TECH: PEOPLE: Web-worlders will want their own portable database on their own computers

Will web-worlders want 
a portable asset database
to travel the web-worlds?

Hypergrid technology is creating a grid-independent world-wide community of virtual worlders.   Web-worlds may expand that community.   When we travel to different grids, we want to take our avatar and maybe selected assets. with us.  We can do that on the Hypergrid, but not across web worlds.  At least not yet.
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  • In OpenSim, your avatar and other assets are in a database on your home grid.
  • Each stored item is a data-description of what it is to look like and do when rendered.
  • In Hypergrid, when you take your avatar to another grid, your home grid sends a copy of that data-description to the other grid.  
  • We hypergridders already have a portable asset database at the hypergrid level.
  • We also have Kitely Market, selling into that population.
  • Now that I am also building in a web-world I am missing those amenities.
  • What DragNDrop for web-worlds means for inventories
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How would a portable asset database function?

  • My ideal would be something that starts when I start my computer.
  • Whenever I register in a new compatible web-world, I get a question:
  • Do you want to bring in your own avatar and database?
  • When I say yes, the system uploads the avatar and puts it in the world.
  • A copy of my avatar is probably stored in the database of this world.
  • And I can access my asset database to bring contents into this web-world.

Who might create such an asset database?

Preliminary steps towards a portable asset database in web-worlds.

Another possible marketer



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