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2018 WW: CybaLounge: Import a COLLADA from Live Home 3D Pro

CybaLounge: How to import a COLLADA 
from Live Home 3D Pro 
Bringing a home into Cybalounge from low-cost building software.  Yes, with drag/drop.  Detailed, tested instructions are offered.  The instructions for file conversion will probably work on most COLLADA files.
Imported from Live Home 3D Pro 



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Live Home 3D Pro – Collada Export

Choose what you want to export

  • To export the entire project, you don’t have to select anything in particular. 
  • Click the menu button and select Export and then Export 3D Objects… 
  • Set the File Format option to Collada (*.dae). 
  • In the Source drop-down list, choose entire project

Set up the export options

  • Up Axis sets the name of the vertical axis in the output file. Keep default state (Y).
  • Specify whether you wish to export the light sources, etc.  Uncheck all checkboxes.
  • Select Fix Texture Coordinates, if the textures with applied transformations look incorrect in the the exported model. Usually best to uncheck, too
  • Type a file name and click Save

Convert the export folder to the import zip file

Contents of export folder

  • Zip the contents of the folder 
  • Be careful about the naming conventions 
  • Zip file name must be like model name + “.zip”
Zip file with correct name 


Importing a Zip file into Cybalounge

  • Go to Cybalounge, log in as a registered user.
  • If you have not registered, do that now. You get a 512x512 plot to work in.
  • In Cybalounge, click the pointed pushpin (bottom line)
  • If you have not set your plot to Public, click the Private button and find your world.
  • You may want to attend to some location settings, such as setting it to public.
  • Web-worlds: Cybalounge building: location settings
  • You have authority to import things into your world.
  • Stand where you want the object and drag/drop the zip file onto the screen.
  • The object will appear at your feet in a convenient size for you to work with.*
  • Tutorials for how to work with it are here:
  • Cybalounge is ready for virtual worlders to use: Tutorials and suggestions.
  • You will want to scale the object to appropriate size and adjust the position.
  • *Assuming you don't have an object selected.  
  • If an object is selected, the import appears above that object and is its child

Will these instructions apply to other COLLADA sources?

  • The zip preparation and import? Probably. 
  • The only test for a specific case is to try it. 
  • Search for COLLADA files


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