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2014 HELP: VIRTUAL: Kitely, Overview. A beginner's guide

Kitely, Overview.  
A beginner's guide
A beginner's guide to the costs and uses of the Kitely virtual world grid.
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How to Enter Kitely Virtual Worlds
  • Free account lets you visit all worlds open to the public
  • Land costs relatively low.  See: Kitely services
  • Uses Open simulatorworks with Firestorm for Opensim
  • Megaregions up to 16 regions in size that behave as one big region
  • Max prim dimensions 256 meters
  • Easy export of your intact work (OAR files). (cost: about 50 cents)
  • Easy import of your intact work (OAR files). (cost: about 50 cents)
  • No question of your exclusive intellectual property rights  (TOS)
  • CEO Ilan Tochner reads the forums, provides help.
  • Hypergrid connection, coming
  • Hypermarket*--Market to the hypergrid, coming
  • You have to bring your own traffic
  • Best land costs are metered, you pay for visit time
  • You pay for your visit time on the free region that comes with the free account
Hypergrid (TBD)
Hypermarket  (TBD)
OAR file
OpenSimulator archives (OAR) save all the necessary asset data so that you can fully restore the terrain, region parcel data, the textures of objects and their inventories when loaded onto a completely different system using a different asset database.
Use an OAR file
  • Backup: Make an OAR and save it on your machine
  • Restore: Upload an OAR to Kitely.
  • Archive: Save your OAR to disk, DVD, or the cloud.
  • TransferUpload an OAR to any grid that lets you.
  • Duplicate: Make several OAR files for use in several places.
  • Work offline: Use Sim-on-a-stick (SOAS) and your OAR on your own machine. 
Megaregions, Details
  • Put multiple regions (256 m. x 256 m.) together. 
  • 2 x 2,  3 x 3, 4 x 4 regions.
  • A megaregion is limited to 100,000 prims and 100  avatars.  
  • A 2 x 2 is 500 m. x 500 m. like 4 regular sims in a square.
  • Each of the 4 sims could have 25,000 prims.
  • That would cost $60 a month.  
  • High-Performance Big Worlds
  • Advanced Megaregions: Up to 5x Faster

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