Monday, March 5, 2018

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Dune-buggies on  
Vehicles work well in OpenSim 9.x
Jamie Jordan rides a wheel chair at home. In a virtual world, he can (safely) ride a dune-bugger.  In OpenSimulator 9.x, in a rider scripted by Bill Blight, he can ride one that performs much like the solid ones.  Except that it never kills people.

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What makes this activity social VR?

  • It is a social event.  A whole group comes to ride things.
  • Maybe dune-buggies, maybe other vehicles. 
  • We can talk to each other, give each other advice and encouragement.
  • We can show each other what we can do.  
  • And tell how to do it.  
  • We can learn without reading instructions.
  • That works well for those of us who never got used to reading instructions.
  • Education: The Secret of the Instruction Manual


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