Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 WW: Build your model home in Cybalounge: use case

Build your model home in Cybalounge: use case
A preliminary look at bringing a home into Cybalounge from low-cost building software.  Yes, with drag/drop.  Detailed, tested instructions are being prepared.  
Imported from Live Home 3D Pro 

Go there

  • CLICK: Cybalounge
  • Don't register -- enter as guest
  • Click the pointed pushpin on the bottom line. 
  • Scroll down to Demo Island and click enter.
  • Move your avatar with the arrow keys: up= forward, right=turn.
  • The pushpin will also tell you if anyone else is inworld and where they are.

Design your home

Use Cybalounge

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Car port
Picnic place
  • I can give you a pose ball that sits an avatar in a chair.
  • You put it in the chair and a person clicks on it to seat the avatar.
Front yard
  • I wonder how hard it would to import from Daz3D.
  • They show a lot of virtual goods.
  • Export formats: Autodesk FBX , COLLADA , OBJ, BVH, Universal 3D 
Empty room
  • To furnish a room, you may want to leave off a wall or two.
  • Cybalounge will probably need (and get) a way to focus on objects
  • Also a way to move objects with an arrow drag.
  • And a way to orbit objects in all 3 dimensiions. 
View from living room 

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