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2018 TKR: You can tell the doers from the talkers. So pick who you want to work with

You can tell the doers from the talkers.
So pick who you want to work with.

To recognize the doers, listen for the clues in what the person says

  • Active verbs. 
  • Things you can imagine happening.
  • Results you can see.  
  • Who is going to produce those results.
  • How somebody is going to make those things happen.
  • These clues missing?  That's a talker.  

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Things to look for, questions to ask

  • And you can use these cues to tell people which you are.

Watch for active verbs. 

  • Nothing gets done until somebody does it.  
  • Talkers use the passive voice to avoid talking about who will do it.  
  • If you like them or want something from them, let them talk, 
  • But don't expect anything but talk.  
  • If you get tired of the talk, ask them who is going to do all this.  
Watch for things you can imagine happening.

  • Concrete results come only from a concrete plan.
Listen for talk about results you can see.  

  • Again, concrete results in the real world are something you can see, use, do something with.

Listen for who is going to produce those results.

  • Doers talk about what the doers are going to do.
  • Talkers talk about what someone (not them) should do.
  • Or talkers use the unidentified they.  "They should..."
  • Or talkers use the passive voice: "That should be cleaned"

Questions to quiet the talker

  • How will you know when you are done?
  • When will you start?
  • When do you expect to finish?


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