Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 BLOG: How to put columns in your Blogger pages

How to put table columns in your Blogger pages
Blogger does not offer a way to format part of a post into two columns, but you may want that sometimes.  Here is how to do it in HTML.

OSCC Venue 1

OSCC Venue 1
Click image to enlarge

  • HG address:
  • Expo Zone 1
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of your world map.  Click FindTP
  • Get a landmark when you are there.
      Build by Crista LopesNOAA exhibit

      Universal Campus

      More after the break

      Metaverse events, recent and upcoming



      • I needed two columns here:
      • Virtual Worlds Fair, OSCC Venues, exhibit locator
      • The code creates one table line with 2 columns.
      • A table line can have multiple text lines as in the illustration above.
      • For more lines, copy/paste the code or the text display.
      • To copy the text display, be sure to highlight the whole table.
      • In Compose mode, you can paste your text in place of the original text.
      • Do not enter a text string longer than the set width (200).


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