Sunday, February 25, 2018

2018 COMEDY: WW: You, too, can do comedy. In the privacy of your own home. And in front of an audience

You, too, can do comedy.  
In the privacy of your own home.  
And in front of an audience
We do comedy in a virtual world (social VR) every Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 5 pm. Pacific time (USA--California). Everybody is welcome to attend--no cover charge. Everybody is welcome to perform.  We make videos of some performances and post them on YouTube.   Then we include some in articles on this blog. 
  • Watch on YouTube
  • We do comedy performances in virtual worlds
  • From home, over the internet. 
  • We watch that comedy the same way. 
  • We also capture videos so people can watch at their own convenience. 
  • The virtual worlds we use need a special viewer. 
  • Future: we will do comedy in web-worlds, with only a browser for a web-stage.


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                              1. Hello Selby,
                                It's really a wonderful collection to motivate someone to learn and share comedy.
                                Keep it up to inspire others to share the funny stuff.