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2018 EDU: GM: BIZ: Educational games in virtual worlds. Educator's business model: "Educator's paradise"

Educational games in virtual worlds.  
Educator's business model: "Educator's paradise"
Educators build and sell educational games in virtual worlds (social VR). 

Can education be a business?

  • It always has been that for book publishers.
  • Now that educators can make products, educators can make it a business, too.
  • Not a big business, but one that easily comes out of their profession. 
  • And perhaps fits in their professional portfolios.
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Practice in definitions for one or a group

Along the left edge of the chart are ways to define a word, and along the top edge of the chart are words that need to be defined. Students must place the colored blocks of words that they might use in a good definition in front of their correct rectangles on the board. A block can not be placed in front of a rectangle that already has a word written in it, and only one block can be placed in front of any rectangle. The first student or team of students to correctly place all of the blocks they are assigned wins. -It is possible to place all the blocks without doubling up on any rectangle, but this does require students to really understand the available categories. Since there are five colors of blocks you can have 5 teams of students. Alternatively, you may work through one of the colored sets with the entire class to ensure they understand what they are to do.

Pair practice noun-verb agreement

  • One checker can jump another checker only if the nouns and verbs are in agreement. For example, "John" can jump "eats" but not "eat."

Pair practice giving and following directions

...the story line is that one of the students has discovered a bomb that the other student on the other side of the city must help them defuse by accurately describing a defused bomb example so that the first student can correctly position his/her pieces.

Practice in grammar for 2 or a few

Tic Tac Toe is a simple game played in almost every culture. It is, therefore, easy to play with students and is quite easy to modify to reinforce grammar points and vocabulary usage.
Included here are six variations of this game on a slideshow presenter and sets of large red X's and O's to mark the spaces students win if they are able to correctly use the term or tense in the space they wish to claim.

Practice in spatial relations for one or a few

spatial relation specifies how some object is located in space in relation to some reference object.  Wikipedia
The Tangram  (Chinese七巧板pinyinqīqiǎobǎn; literally: "seven boards of skill") is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. It is reputed to have been invented in China during the Song Dynasty,[1] and then carried over to Europe by trading ships in the early 19th century. It became very popular in Europe for a time then, and then again during World War I. It is one of the most popular dissection puzzles in the world.[2][3] A Chinese psychologist has termed the tangram "the earliest psychological test in the world", albeit one made for entertainment rather than for analysis.[1]  Wikipedia

Challenge items for 2 or a few

An example activity might be to let students move another base around a baseball diamond or another level up a pyramid if they can correctly use or answer what an arrow points to.
Allows a wide range of challenge items and so can easily be adapted to many subjects and age groups.

Vocabulary and spelling for 2 or a few

Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a wordphrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers, within a certain number of guesses. Wikipedia-The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, representing each letter of the word.... If the guessing player suggests a letter which occurs in the word, the other player writes it in all its correct positions. If the suggested letter or number does not occur in the word, the other player draws one element of a hanged man stick figure as a tally mark.  Wikipedia

Competitive test for a group

If you need to test your students, why not do it with a pyramid that they get to climb up slowly with each right answer? 

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