Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 EDU: Cyber Challenge: by John Low, Chief Creative Officer, Carney

Cyber Challenge: by John Low,
Chief Creative Officer, Carney, Inc
Carney, inc.

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Published on Oct 31, 2013
Federal employees are required to take annual cyber security awareness training, typically in the form of eLearning. While these programs provide relevant information they all too often fail to engage learners, and fall well short of promoting behavior change and conviction. 
Gaming concepts combined with evolving technologies are giving us better ways to engage with learners, and impact behaviors. We will take a look at the role of serious games in promoting cyber security best practices within the U.S. federal government, including Cyber Challenge, which has been played by more than five million people. In addition to Cyber Challenge we explore the following:
How serious games have been used to significantly improve the quality of large scale cyber awareness training within the U.S. federal government 
A development approach for incorporating game-based learning across multiple price points
Key features for playability
A framework for structuring content into gaming objectives 
The near future of cyber awareness training
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