Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 HELP: Changes in the way you get into Kitely

Changes in the way you get into Kitely
You have to open a viewer before a Kitely web page will take you to its world.
If you have been entering Kitely directly from the web page of the site you want to visit, you will notice a change (forced by changes in Firefox and Chrome).  The web page will no longer start your viewer.  You have to start your viewer manually.  The web page you have been using in the past will give you the sign on information, including the password to use in logging in with the viewer.  
If you have the appropriate viewer running, the Kitely web page will take you to location when you click on Enter World.   You will have other uses for the Kitely world entry page, so don't loose the password to that page.
You can use any viewer for Opensim.  Firestorm is recommended by Kitely.  Here is the Download page.  Be sure to get Firestorm for Opensim.  Firestorm for Second Life will not work.  If you have Firestorm already installed, you can check to see if it is for Opensim: Click Help (top left), then About Firestorm.  Look for the phrase " with OpenSimulator support" in the part about Firestorm.
In the Firestorm start page, look in the login line for an option: Log into grid:  click the dropdown and choose Kitely.
If you do not see the Log into Grid option in Firestorm, look to the right for Select Mode and select Hybrid.
For more details about logging in, see
How to Enter Kitely Virtual Worlds
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