Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 ART: 'THE MACHINE', Lilia & Moeuhane, LEA6

'THE MACHINE',  Lilia & Moeuhane,  LEA6  
  • We have solved all our problems. Thanks to our ingenuity. 
  • We have cured all illnesses. Thanks to our technical savvy.
  • We have cheated death. Thanks to our code.
  • We invented the machine. 
  • The only thing left to do: 
  • Keep the machine running that keeps us running.


  • The creatures have created a perfectly functioning world. 
  • They live in the ever present. 
  • As a sound community. 
  • With joined minds and spirits. 
  • Interconnected. Completely. 
  • They run the machine – and are run by the machine. 
  • They are the machine. The peak of innovation. 
  • The end of evolution. Their creation.

  • They are a society without memory. 
  • Their history a mere shadow. 
  • Because there is no need to remember. 
  • Why remember what is of no value. 
  • They are perfect.
  • If you reach perfection, where do you go next?

  • Visitors are invited to pull out their inner archaeologist and ethnologist. 
  • Take an exploratory trip down several sublevels of history. 
  • To unearth the secret behind that seemingly perfect world.
Art in virtual worlds
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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