Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 STAGE: Video of an acting exercise at A.R.T. Plays Around Fridays

Video of an acting exercise at 
A.R.T. Plays Around Fridays
A video of an acting exercise with open ended scenes at A.R.T. Plays Around Fridays.  Actors are given a short scene with ambiguous dialog and perform the dialog with various subtext instructions setting the context.

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Experimental Theater, Art Plays Around Fridays
by Avatory Repertory Theater
A.R.T. Plays Around Fridays
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Comments by MadameThespian Underhill 
On most Friday evenings at 5 pm in their theater at Cookie, actors of the Avatar Repertory Theater company gather to do scene work or short plays or improv  games for the purpose of working together to build ensemble and stretch their voice acting chops.  Sometimes they've been known to introduce pieces of material they are working on to develop full length productions -- up to a year-long process!  This amazing process, open to the public to come and watch, is called "A.R.T. Plays Around Fridays."  On this occasion,   MadameThespian Underhill led a small group of actors from the company -- Corwyn Allen, Kayden Oconnell, Ada Radius -- in an exercise of "open ended scenes" -- very short scenes with ambiguous dialog -- to practice playing subtext and intentions through voice acting.  The video is from this unrehearsed exercise.
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Video captured, edited, and produced by 
Selby Evans, AKA Thinkerer Melville
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