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2013 VIDEO: WRITE: Flying Saucers Return: Mama tells--but not all. Promo2 Shot List

Flying Saucers Return: Mama tells--but not all. 
Promo: 2 Shot List 
Promotion 2 for: Flying Saucers Return
By Neil Griffith and Selby Evans 
Copyright 2013 Neil Griffith and Selby Evans
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Mama tells--but not all.
Promo2:  Flying saucers, Mama
RICH Roundly:  Kayden Oconnell. Reporter, young man, good looking, well dressed, eager and a bit pompous.  A bit of an ass.   He speaks with exaggerated voice projection when he is on camera; otherwise he speaks with a voice high pitched and whiny.     He is here to interview the people of Immaculate Perception Trailer Park about the rumors of strange events there.  Rich holds a microphone in front of his mouth.
Animations: holds microphone in hand, moves it a little
Invisible  AUTOMATRON: Large Robot.  Nickname: Otto.  May be object manipulation
MAMA: (Missus Beauregard )  MadameThespian  Small, thin lady in pink house-robe and pink bunny slippers. Take charge person, dominates the scene when she starts speaking. )
LARRY  Cameraman:  Clearly female Has camera on shoulder, always looking into the eyepiece.  A few lines. 
Animations: Waving wildly with non-camera hand

Background: Sky prim
1.    North  in place
2.    South
Trailers (in place)
Microwave stack (in place)
Camera for LARRY (available)
Microphone for Rich (available)
Green sky on cue (in place)
  Marks: On Set
Shooting notes
Actors note:  We will pause the action as neededOn pause, stop action and dialog, but hold position.   Use voice as needed – the pause will be cut from the timeline, so the only important thing is hold position.
I will record on all rehearsals, and may use a clip from any rehearsal or ready shoot.  I will capture voice on all rehearsals and ready shoot.  I may use voice from any clip
Light setting: Midday
Screen setting: 1280 x 720
Scene 1
Shot 1
The Immaculate Perception Trailer Park, Where the elite meet for treats.   Microwave pyramid in the background.   Mama carries a bottle of Jack Daniels, from which she occasionally takes a swig.  Larry (with camera) and Rich stand a little farther away from the pile, positioned as ready to start a shot with the pile of microwaves in the background.   Keep Larry in this shot.
LARRY:  Ready for your close-up, boss
RICH: Hold off till I talk to Mama.  I don’t think she’s an easy weeper.  I’m gonna try to feel her out. 
Mama enters  from stage right,  walks forward, nearly bumping into Rich (invading his space).
MAMA:  You feel me out, boy, and you’ll draw back a bloody stump.  And don’t think you’re gonna get me to cry on camera.  You want crying, I’ll give you something to cry about. 
RICH (turning to Mama):  But Miss Mama, weren’t you bothered by what those alien creatures did to you? 
MAMA:  Hell no.  I had my KY Jelly.  And I’ve had worse from my exes—
RICH (Quickly):  And how is that Jack Daniels?
MAMA:  Sweet as sweat!  And feels a lot better
RICH (To Larry):  Okay, we’re ready to roll.   And remember, if you see something strange, you wave and point.  Don’t keep it a secret like you did the last time. 
LARRY:  Sure thing, boss.  Camera on, sound good.  Talk, boss. 
Camera zoom in on Rich and Mama to leave Larry out of the shot.
RICH:  Welcome everyone.  This is your roving reporter, Rich Roundly, reporting to you from an undisclosed location in southern Virginia.  We are here to investigate the raging rumors of strange happenings in these regions.  We have already established that some of these rumors are true.  So stay tuned and we’ll tell you what you need to do to protect your family. 
RICH:  Today we have with us a prominent resident of Immaculate Perception Trailer Park, Mama.  That is not her real name, of course, but it is the name she chooses to use.  She has an amazing story and she has kindly consented to tell us the story.
MAMA: Well, some of it anyway.  (Takes a swig from the Jack Daniels)  I’m saving the rest for the movie.
RICH:  Would you start at the beginning?
MAMA: I’ll start where I damn please.  I’m telling the story.  I was abducted by aliens. 
RICH:  We prefer to call them undocumented space people.  We don’t want to take part in racial profiling.
MAMA: Call ‘em what you like.  I’ll tell you what I called ‘em when they started probing my …
RICH (urgently):  Miss Mama, we don’t need to go into graphic details.  This is for a family audience. 
MAMA:  Okay, I know how to talk television.  They started probing my hemorrhoids.  Then went to my feminine hygiene.    I know them words are okay on TV, ‘cause you run adds about them all the time.
RICH:  Uh, yes.  Did they say anything to you? 
MAMA: Not so much as a “by your leave” before they started the probing.  I wouldn’t have minded if they had been nice about it. 
RICH:  Can you tell us what they looked like? And could you figure out what they were saying? 
MAMA: Well, they was just your standard little green men with red hair.  And they talked English, just like all them space aliens in the movies.  So I knew what they were saying.   
RICH:  Did you get an idea of why they were here? 
MAMA: Sure did.  They came to take over the universe.  Starting with the Immaculate Perception Trailer Park. 
RICH:  Why start here?    
MAMA: They were looking for something we had.
RICH:  Why on earth would space aliens—I mean undocumented space people—want something from a trailer park?  Why would anyone want something from a trailer park?   
MAMA: You want something from this trailer park or you wouldn’t be here.
RICH:  Well, um, yes.  But that‘s because the space people came here. 
MAMA: So the space aliens wanted something here or they wouldn’t have come.  It can’t be that hard to understand.  Even on TV.
RICH (Flustered):  But do you know what they wanted?
MAMA: Sure. 
RICH:  What was it?
MAMA: I can’t tell you.
RICH:  You can tell me.   I’m a television reporter.
MAMA: Just wait till the movie comes out.
RICH:  You’re going to make a movie?
MAMA: Already have.  Got the shots while it was happening
RICH (concerned):  You have pictures of the robot?
MAMA: Sure do. 
RICH:  And the flying saucer? 
MAMA: And the little green men, and all of that.  Gonna  make a movie.  If they don’t take over the universe first. 
RICH:   You think they really are going to take over the universe? 
MAMA:   They thought so.  But they needed a do-over after what happened here. 
RICH:  Can you tell us about that? 
MAMA:  Naw.  You’ll have to see the movie.  Maybe your station wants to buy it. 
RICH:  You’ll have to talk to the management on that.  What about the robot?  We have pictures of the robot.  Is he still around here?  Can we get him on camera?
MAMA: He may be still around, but you can’t see him.
Camera pull back to show Larry
As Mama speaks, a broken microwave floats into the scene as if carried by an invisible robot.  It takes a place on the microwave stack. 
While the above is happening, Larry is waving and pointing at the stack of microwaves. 
Rich turns to look at the microwave stack, but too late to see any action. 
RICH (Voice raised to speak to Larry):  Yes, Larry, I see the stack of junk.   I think our audience has noticed it before, but I can point out that this stack is a piece of grunge art by Catherine Green, one of the residents here.  
Camera zoom in to leave Larry out of the shot.
RICH (turning to Mama):  Miss Mama, is the robot in hiding?   Is somebody after him?  Is he a secret weapon of the government?  Does he work for the NSA?  Are the space al—undocumented space people after him?
MAMA: You don’t know, do you?  Why are you TV news people always asking questions?  Don’t you know anything for yourselves? 
RICH:  I’m a reporter, ma’am.  I’m not supposed to know anything.
MAMA:  Well, you’re good at your job. 
RICH:  Please, Miss Mama, can we get back to the robot.  Is he in hiding?
MAMA: And where do get off calling me “Miss Mama?”   You want to call my boys little bastards?  I may call ’em that, but don’t think you can get away with it.     
RICH:  Oh, I’m sorry, Missus Mama.  But we were talking about the robot.  Is there any way we could see him?  
MAMA: Yeah. Watch the movie.  He’s in that.  The movie will be out on YouTube one day soon.   Why don’t you talk about the important stuff?  I heard you say you would be telling your listeners how to protect their families.  So why don’t you tell them how to protect their families? 
RICH (stammering):   But—uh—well, Missus Mama.  Do you have any suggestions on how our listeners can protect their families?
MAMA:  There you go again.   You act like you know things but all you know to do is get other people to fill in what you don’t know.  I didn’t say I was going to tell people how to protect their families.  You said it.  Now you do it.
RICH (stammering):  But—uh—what are they supposed to protect their families from?
MAMA:  I don’t know.  Now you don’t know.  Sounds like you’re up that creek and still paddling with your hands. 
RICH:  Well, those Space people were going to take over the universe—that is a big enough threat, isn’t it? 
MAMA: So what do you tell your listeners about how to protect their families?
RICH:  But what do you suggest? 
MAMA (Holds up her bottle of Jack Daniels): I suggest a little sippin’ whisky.  Now what do you suggest?
RICH:  But aren’t you worried about those undocumented space people.  What if they come back?    
MAMA:  I don’t think they want to come back.  But if they do, we’ve got some new entertainment for ‘em.    
RICH:  Well, Mama, you say you were abducted by aliens, probed in unmentionable places, yet you somehow escaped.   Can you tell us how you escaped? 
MAMA: I can, but I won’t.   Just watch the movie.  I won’t tell you how it turns out. But we got little green men and littler green people and giant robots—
Rich pulls the microphone to his mouth and turns to the camera
RICH:  Thank you, Mama.  Folks, that ends our coverage of the strange events in this undisclosed location.  And now we turn to these messages.  Cut! 
RICH (to Larry):  That’s a wrap, Larry.  
Camera pull back to show Larry.
LARRY:  Got it, boss.  And if you look close, you’ll figure out why we can’t see the robot. 
Roll promo and credits. 
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