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2015 HELP: Cookie II appears on Kitely

Cookie II appears on Kitely
Updated 2/20/2015
Cookie II on Kitely
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Cookie II on Kitely
  • 4 sims in a square
  • Free to visit, no time costs to anybody
  • Open to anybody
  • Builders in the groups can leave lasting builds 
  • Max prim dimensions at least 256 meters
  • You will have to register and install a viewer 
  • such as Firestorm for OpenSim
  • Here is the entry page: Cookie II on Kitely 
  • To get in one of the groups, read on
As Thinkerer Melville in Second Life, I have three fairly well known sims.
  • The areas are parcels in a megaregion.  
  • Each parcel can use 25000 prims
  • The megaregion can hold about 100 avatars
  • There are no sim boundaries
  • There is no time cost to visit Cookie II.
  • Groups are welcome to hold meetings. 
  • Builds fitting the parcel purpose will be installed.
  • For now, membership in the managing groups.
  • is limited to people I (Thinkerer Melville) know in Second Life.
  • For an invitation, send me a notecard with your Kitely name.
  • And the group you want to join.
Here are the places and purposes
  • Hobo Sandbox
  • Firestorm Hop:  hop:// II/131/405/22
  • Put in Firestorm navigation bar.  Enter.
  • Wizard's retreat
  • Firestorm Hop:  hop:// II/490/458/100
  • Put in Firestorm navigation bar.  Enter.
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