Friday, December 9, 2011

2013 PROMO: Combine Google calendars in your blog,

Combine Google calendars in your blog
As in this calendar:

Here is how
  1. Subscribe to the calendars you want. (Google graphic, bottom right)
  2. These will be listed under Other Calendars on your Google calendar.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the Other Calendars title.
  4. Click Settings in the drop-down menu.
  5. In the Calendar Settings page, click on any calendar you want to embed.
  6. See screen shots below
  7. In the Calendar Details page click on Customize option.
  8. In the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper create the calendar
  9. The screen shot below marks things you want to attend to.
  10. Past the code into html.  For help see below.
Click image to enlarge
Calendar Details
Click image to enlarge
Google Embeddable Calendar Helper
I use a width of 400 pixels to fit in my blog.  Your experience may differ. 
Embedding for beginners
  • If you know html, ignore this section.  It is too simple.
  • If your html processor has a button to support embedding, use that.
  • If you wonder how to embed code when you don't know html, read on.
Hot to put embedding code into html
I don't bother to try to place the embedded item where I want it at this point.  I keep a model page of model pages with all the calendars I expect to use.  I just copy a calendar from this model page (in the compose mode) and paste it (in the compose mode) wherever I want it. 
If you want to change the height or width, you don't have to remake the calendar code.  Go to the html mode and look in the embedding code for these expressions:
The numbers in quotes are the current height and width settings and probably will be different from the examples given here.  You can change the numbers to make the adjustments you want.
Individual calendars may not be well designed to work in a combined mode, where it will be seen by people who are not familiar with the performer or venue.  That can attract new people to the audience, but only if it catches the interest of people who are not (yet) fans.  
  • Each post should have a slurl.
  • A slurl in the location field results in an irrelevant geographical map.
  • A slurl in the description results in a live link .
  • Design the desctiption to interest people who don't know the venue.
Google: Here's how to embed your calendar on your website

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