Monday, December 12, 2011

2013 BIZ: GTF Model of management, billing and customer service again

GTF Model of management, 
billing and customer service again

I thought we had finished with these problems
More excerpts from posts on the forums
I updated my billing informations and got no problem with it. Yesterday I could buy Lindens and everything was ok. But since a few hours every attend to buy lindens didnt work. Inworld I get a "ty for your payment"-info, but then it was told to me per email, that the purchase wasnt successful.  --- Why?
I can't add a payment method to my account and from the customer service response I have gotten they simply don't seem to care. They keep saying it's a bug and to fill out a bug report yet no one ever works on those bug reports. I've asked that their billing department add my payment method to my account and they swear they can't do that. A billing department that cannot add a payment method to a person's account? What are they in the dark ages? This is day 3 and still nothing has been done. I've gotta wonder if I still want to stay in this game at this point.
Calling billing won't help...I had this happen to me this weekend, wanted to add one/update the same cards I've been using for two years Billing says it's my bank, bank says no it's LL. Had to end up going to a third party site to get L's...they had no trouble processing it. There is a bug in the system, although my billing support agent wouldn't admit it.
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  • I am sure that retention of paying customers is a high priority with LL.  
  • I have heard, informally,  that some problems were resolved by accessing the payment pages via the standard SL viewer (3.2 now).
  • Customer service is a critical part of customer retention.  
BTW: I contacted the lady who posted this complaint and offered some additional suggestions. 
GTF model of management again.
She thanked me, but said the experience had convinced her that she did not want to own land in Second Life.  That is what happens with billing problems and poor customer service.


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