Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2013 ART: VIDEO: The Subway - LEA

Art: Video:  The Subway - LEA
Is it a movie set trying to be an installation? Or an installation that became a movie set? Even the creator isn't quite sure.
Watch on YouTube
The Subway - LEA, by Chic Aeon
Opening Reception - The Subway - LEA
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen
In her own words:
"First there was the idea of a subway station, people passing by never seeing each other, never knowing who they were standing next to. Then the idea turned into an installation with spectral beings inhabiting The City. Are they memories? Chances missed? Future opportunities? That's up to the viewer to decide."    
Start on the ground to embrace the complete experience. Teleport from the ticket booth and don't forget to pick up your special VIP badge. That gets you into backstage and you don't want to miss the sets.
Teleport to the subway station and make your way into the city. View the machinima film, "Lost in the City" in world or watch it on YouTube if you prefer -- . Wander the city. Take some photos with the ghostly inhabitants. 
--  Chic Aeon

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