Monday, December 12, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Communicate, contacts

Communicate, contacts
Other avatar right-click window
Meet people
To add a person to your Friends list:
  • Avatar present:  Right click on avatar -- Click Add Freind
  • From Nearby list: Click green info button. Click Add Freind  
  • From the person's Profile:  Click Add Friend 
To find people who share your interests: Fill out your interests in your profile: 
Profile Button (framed head)
Click on an interest for a list of other people with similar interests
Let someone find you on the map:
  • On the person's profile, 
  • Click the gear
  • Click permissions
  • Check see me on map
  • Be sure to save
Give these instructions to the person: 
  • Open world map (Ctrl m).
  •  Look to right side  for drop-down list that says: "Online Friends."  
  • Click on down pointer   
  • Click on the name of the person you want to find.  
  • Click Teleport button if you want to drop in on them.
See when your friends (or students) come online:
  • Preferences (Ctrl P) 
  • Notifications, 
  • Tell me when my friends log in or out -- check box
Friends conference 
 IM more than one Resident at a time? (Also works for teleport.)
  • Go to Friends list.   
  • Hold  dowl Ctrl and click the Friends you want to  IM.    
  • Click IM/Call   
Remove person frrom friends list ("defriend")
  • Right click on your avatar 
  • Click on Friends 
  • Find name of avatar 
  • Right click on name of avatar 
  • Click on Remove Friend
  • (With friends list in MySL, click on gear)
  • On profile, click the Add Friend button. 
Block: Block the person from contacting you. 
  • From chat, IM, or group IM history: 
  • Hover cursor over name
  • Click on the person's green Info button.
  • Click on gear
  • Click on block 
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