Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2013 BIZ: GTF model of management again.

GTF model of management again
I thought we had finished with this problem:
Excerpts from a post on the forums
I've submitted a ticket and I've been transferred from Scout to Billing Support with a new Incident number but they weren't able to solve my issue.
The last person who responded to me informed that my case has been transferred to another department and I will be contacted within 5 working days. That was about 3 weeks ago.- 
I submitted another ticket a week ago and I was replied by a Linden to refer to the person who last contacted me and she was referring to my first submitted ticket which by the way, was "Closed" by them.  I replied to her that my case has been submitted to Billing Support with a new Incident number. She never replied back and my newly submitted case was erased from my history. Nice going... 
- I have not been receiving my weekly stipends since my last submitted ticket. My premium account is still active for another 7 months or so... 
-I've done almost everything I can... Revised my paypal, create an alt with the same payment, revised my account details... 
-I did resubmitted another ticket today. 
-Another problem is, in 6 days, if my issue is not solved... I will definitely have to abandon ALL my parcels that I've put up so much of money in it. I've already done half of it a few weeks ago because I couldn't generate enough lindens in my account to convert to USD. Now, I won't be able to generate any cash at all. 
-So, now... to get my freak on... I've gone to another virtual world (no.. not *that* world) to start a new life... make them a little richer... using the same Credit Card that LL had rejected.  At least I'm happy and content for the time being.. But I still want my stipends back in SL... and I still want my Billing Account solved... with the same and the only credit card I have. 
-I'm wondering if this is happening with other people as well?
I have not seen many such problems since billing support opened. And all the previous problems were apparently resolved by a referral to Billing Support.  I had thought that when Billing Support got a problem, it would take ownership of the problem and take the responsibility for solving it.   That is, some live person would be responsible for solving the problem.  

This is not good publicity for Second Life.  


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