Friday, December 16, 2011

2013 HELP: Troubleshooting: The viewer screwer

Viewer screwer.  Viewer was working, got screwed up.
Weird things.  Groups won't open.  Other features won't work ...
Probably corrupted files
  • The problem appeared after a crash.  
  • (A crash can corrupt files)
  • -
  • You don't see that problem with another computer on the same internet connection.
  • (Isolates the problem to the computer).
What to do:
Clear cache:   This may work, and is worth trying because it is easy.
  • Preferences  V3.2 Preferences button (gears)
  • Advanced Tab
  • Clear Cache
  • Click OK to save.
  • Log off and log back on.  
  • Expect a delay on logging in because the cache will reload. 
If clearing cache does not fix the problem, do a clean install.
Clean Install:  Completely remove the files left from the previous installation.
For Windows, at least, I recommend that you first do a regular uninstall using the Control Panel (click the Start button to find is).  Then follow the instructions in the link below
How to do a clean install (Firestorm)
These instructions apply to any viewer, with appropriate changes in the names.
After the cleaning, install whatever viewer you want.  

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