Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2013 HELP: Logs of local chat and IMs --Store

Store logs of local chat and IMs: 
You can  keep logs of your communications.  Here is how:

  • V3.2 Preferences button (gears)
  • Privacy tab
  • Save nearby chat logs to my computer (Check)
  • Save IM logs to my computer  (Check)
  • Add timestamp to each line in chat log    (Check)
I prefer to leave the default destination file unchanged, because it seems to be common across viewers.  If they all put the logs in the same place, I don't have to wonder where to look.  You may want to copy the destination file name while you have the window open.

On Windows, the destination file will have the general form:   
Name will be the name the computer has for you. 
To find the log file on Windows,  you probably have to enable the ability to see *hidden folders*  To set that ability on Windows 7:
  • Click the start button or press the windows key
  • Click your personal folder
  • Click organize in the top menu line
  • on the drop-down, click Folder and Search options
  • in the resulting window, click "Show all folders".
Once you find the file, you can create a shortcut and put it in the folder you use for other Second Life operations.  Then you don't have to find it again.


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