Saturday, December 17, 2011

2013 PROMO: Use MySL for promoting your event, with pictures

MySL for promoting your event
MySL feed promoting a venue
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MySL is a web-based social network system integrated with Second Life. To reach it, point your browser to:

Or you can open it inworld with Viewer 3.2 clicking the profile button.
(You can probably open it in other viewers, but I don't know the details.)
If you open MySL inworld, you can use it to promote your event.  The screen shot above shows how a promo note can look.   To get the pictures in Viewer 3.2, click the camera button.
V3.2 Snapshot button (camera)
then click on the button: Post to My Profile Feed.
Who sees you post? The post goes to the feed stream of everybody of everybody who follows you.  (Follow--think Twitter.)  That includes people who choose* to follow you and people on your friends list unless they chose not to follow you.  Whether they see it depends on how much attention they are paying to their feed stream.  If one of these people clicks the Love button, it also goes to their friends and followers.  
*You can let anyone follow you: go to the MySL page
Settings -- Privacy tab -- 
Feed  Controls who can see your profile feed and your posts.
Set to Everyone.
With this setting, people do not have to be on your friends list to follow your posts.
You can see who is following you : 
People -- Followers
People can also see your posts (and therefore some of your past activities) by looking at your profile.   
I keep my feed stream open in my browser all the time.  Since it is in my browser, it does not clutter my viewer screen and I don't have to be online.  I can check it just as I check my other active pages.   (Active pages = email, Google reader, weather, news,  MySL, Facebook. Google Circles)  As of now, I probably see most anything posted on my feed.  Future: Based on my experience with Twitter, I will probably need a MySL system that allows lists, circles, or groups. 
How would I use it to promote events?   Post notices about upcoming events. Post pictures of an event in progress.  Send people to your profile--they can see what you have been doing from your past stream of postings.  


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  1. As friends and other followers know, I've been using and the "Feed" function of Viewer 3.x for the last couple of months. I like it, but I wish LL would enable cross posting for images to your choice of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, etc. The ultimate would be to be able to cross post video captures (Machinima) directly to YouTube!

  2. I agree. A post on the general social media would get a lot more visibility.