Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2013 HELP: V3.2, Customized for me

V3.2. Customized for me
Now that I have been using Viewer 3.2 for a while, I have a good idea of how I want to arrange the buttons to suit my needs.  I have sorted the buttons into these categories:
  • Rarely used,
  • Have easy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Have other alternatives that are more efficient.
  • Need these buttons on the screen.
Here I show my sorting.  This sorting may not suit you, but it may suggest a model that will suit you.    
My V3.2 screen
Cut screen clutter
Click image to enlarge
On screen
Packed away: unused
Packed away:  Alternatives
*The chat from other people shows anyway.   The chat input window opens whenever I start typing.  (Setting:  Preferences-General-Starts local chat)

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  1. Hey, thanks for showing all the alternatives to the buttons! Big help!!