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2013 1stHELP: Communication. Using Notecards: how and why

Using Notecards: how and why 
Start a new notecard
A notecard is somewhat like e-mail.   You
  • Write it, 
  • Review it,
  • Send it to one or many people,
  • Keep a copy in your inventory for reference.
The recipient can 
  • Keep the copy on file,
  • Refer to it later for details,
  • Copy part of it into a response,
  • Forward it to other people.
  • Copy/paste it into a blog, webpage, or forum.
Make a notecard: 
  • Open Inventory: V3.2 Inventory button (suitcase),
  • Click + sign (bottom of inventory window),
  • Click "New Notecard" in option list,
  • Find entry "New Note in Notecards folder of  inventory
  • Right click, select "Rename", give it a name you will remember 
  • Enter text in the blank notecard if it has opened
  • Double click on the name in your inventory if needed to open the norecard
  • Type or copy-paste from any text document. 
  • Click "Save" (bottom of card window)
Problem Solving and cautions
  • Save often. Expect that Save will fail every so often.
  • -
  • If  save fails, highlight the entire text and copy it to a text file on your computer.
  • Delete the notecard that failed to save. 
  • Wait a few hours, make a new notecard with the text you saved.
  •  -
  • Notecards don't always get to the recipient.
  • If sent with a group notice, probably don't reach more than 500 people.
  • Are not always usable when received.
  • To be sure that it was received, check by IM.
  • MySL (see below) may be more reliable.
Send a notecard to someone
  • Drag from inventory and drop onto the avatar if present.
  • Otherwise, open the profile and click IM button:  
  •  V3.2. Profiles. Yours and theirs 
  • Drag the notecard into the IM text window.
Get and open notecards
  • You get a notice about notecard sent (upper right).
  • You click notice, see window, click Show.
  • The notecard may open for you to read.
  • If not, type first part of notecard name in inventory search bar.
  • Double-click on notecard name in inventory.
Manage notecards
  • To be sure of finding it again, rename it with keywords.
  • To reply, copy the notecard (right-click, copy)
  • Paste the copy back into the notecard  folder (right-click, paste)
  • Rename the copy to include the name of the originator and your name
  • Edit the copy and send the edited copy back to the originator
Notecards can carry assets
Notecard with embedded assets
  • Drag objects, notecards, or other assets, from your inventory. 
  • Drag one from your inventory onto the notecard, drop it there.
  • It will leave a graphic and the name of the asset.
  • -
  • To recover an asset from a notecard, click on the name.
  • The offer you get will depend on the type of asset.
Distribute a notecard widely
  • Send a notecard to a group you are in:
  • V3.2 People button  (2 heads) -- groups -- notices
  • Send a notecard to a group of your friends
  • Have an object give a notecard: Giver script in Hobo Kit
  • Use a notice list to give notecards
Other features that you might use instead of notecards

  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
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