Tuesday, June 28, 2022

2022 Museums in the metaverse . Create a 3D Virtual Museum in minutes! Museums on your laptop, tablet, smart phone

Museums in the metaverse.  
Create a 3D Virtual Museum in minutes!  
Museums on your laptop, tablet, smart phone
Anything you can show in a museum, you can show in the metaverse.  That puts the museum in practically every home and school.
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  • Tutorial 6: Create a 3D Virtual Museum in minutes!
  • This video has captions, please turn it on by clicking on the CC button at the bottom of the clip. 
  • In this clip, I captured the ideation process for creating an example 'museum exhibit'. I show how I created a mini-museum featuring works from Pablo Picasso, literally in minutes (the duration of this clip). 
  • Typically, a group of designers would log into our 3D virtual work area to help each other reach a common design. 
  • The RezMela system is ideally suited for this process. It radically reduces exhibit design prototyping costs and produces tangible design solutions after live brainstorming sessions. 



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